SyncScript - online platform for editors of audio-visual material in the dubbing and subtitling industry


Syncscript is the application that enables translators of video content to generate time-coded, localized scripts for voice acting purposes (dubbing).

Translating video content often means struggling with various kinds of documents and files (and/or with the software that handles them). In addition, the job has various boring and time-consuming aspects that can be better left to computers.

Dubbing studios on the other hand are experiencing the downsides of more stringent demands from their customers and remotely working translators: inconsistent translations of key names and phrases (KNP) and character names, to name one. Time pressure on everyone to name a second.

Two worlds meet


  • gain time
  • efficiency
  • fewer post-production corrections


  • gain shorter time to market
  • much greater accuracy
  • management insights

In the middle: Syncscript!

Based on our own experience in this particular field of translating (we actually do this every day) we came up with a solution that addresses the main issues translators and studios face.

The platform

On the SyncScript platform your studio assigns a project (e.g. an animated series) to a (pool of) translator(s). The browser based and fully integrated translating environment (the editor) enables the translator to work both fast and accurate. To do so, SyncScript is loaded with useful features such as ‘automatic-time-code-notation’ and ‘real-time-KNP-and-character-names-sharing’ and actively responsive source language scripts.